Happy Rush

Join us today as we deliver a unique and fun experience for all crypto enthusiasts! Together we will reach new heights of wealth with each new exciting feature and utility release.


Happy Rush is a Play 2 Earn (P2E) crypto-currency project on the Binance Smart Chain, whereby holders will benefit from high BUSD Rewards and various in-game competitions in the form of tournaments. The project utilises unique marketing strategies and the token contract features complex tokenomics based around BUSD rewards.



Rush Wallet

There'll be an initial 25% Wallet for collecting BUSD rewards which will be utilised for marketing and buyback functions. This wallet will have a 0% sell tax. This wallet will keep a large amount of tax inside the project, benefiting us through HUGE buybacks. Extra resources for marketing will provide a healthier chart while development progresses. The primary function of this utility will be to provide huge green waves in our chart. Supporting the chart with huge marketing funds will create FOMO feeling toward new investors!

Passive Income

$HRUSH token economics is designed for attracting real, OG BSC holders from the existing attitudes which create a large negative sell pressure through swing trading. The token economics provides high BUSD rewards to make our holders feel confident in their investments, and to reward them for doing so. BUSD rewards will scale between 8% (as minimum) to 20% (as maximum) for single transaction on the Rush Day.

Rush Day

Rush Day is a strategy devised for increasing volume, creating buy pressure with 0% Buy Tax and a high-level of rewards in BUSD. The Rush Day will be active 1–2 day's every week whereby most of the marketing budget will be spent. Token economics will change to maximise gains to our holders, maximise marketing wallet fill, and provide stability with a green 'send'.

Marketing Recovery System

$HRUSH Project has two different marketing wallets with two different tax collection points; buyback and general marketing. With any buybacks, we will increase the supply % of the Rush Wallet. Whilst the main marketing wallet collects marketing fee's, most of the tax will come from the BUSD rewards, and as mentioned already, the BUSD rewards that are generated during the huge volume we sustain partly go towards our marketing budged, whereby two experienced marketing teams will work together to explode this project!!!

Clever Buyback Mechanic

With our unique Marketing Recovery System, our holders will benefit with massive buybacks while they panic or worry about chart movements time to time. While every buyback occurs our initial 25% Rush Wallet will be used for stabilizing chart and increase the amount of supply it has. Buybacks will be done silently and clever to keep momentum up with different occasions.

Play 2 Earn (P2E)

Without revealing too much, we have an experienced team developing our Play 2 Earn dApp as we speak. There will be lot of fun and excitement for our holders when it's live, and also a great opportunity to maximise their investments through rewards and competitions.

Roadmap 2022

  • Q3
  • Logo Design ✅
  • Website V1 ✅
  • Private Sale Round 1 ✅
  • Contract Creation ✅
  • Play 2 Earn dApp Development Start ✅
  • Contract Test's ✅
  • Private Sale Round 2 ✅
  • Pre-Launch Marketing ✅
  • Project Partnership Talks ✅
  • Token Launch ✅
  • Reveal Of Utility ✅
  • Public KYC Project Owner ✅
  • CoinMarketCap - CoinGecko apply ✅
  • Initial Buyback's And Marketing Push ✅
  • Bscscan - Dextools page update
  • Utility Demo Reveal
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Partnership's With Projects
  • Fully Functioning Utility Launch
  • Tax Decrease
  • Initial Merchandising With T-Shirts - Hoodies
  • Strong Social Media Marketing Push
  • Q4
  • Website V2
  • First Exchange Listing
  • College Team Jersey Kit Sponsorship
  • Improved Merchandising With Caps - Mugs
    - T-Shirts - Hoodies - Beanies
  • Further Partnership's With Projects Based On Our Utility
  • Brand Marketing With Our Utility
  • First Limited NFT Minting
  • Cross Chain Bridge With Cronos Network
  • Cronos Chain Marketing